Maleny Dairies is a family owned business situated in the hinterland town of Maleny on Australia’s Sunshine Coast.

Here at Maleny Dairies we produce a range of dairy deliciousness for the whole family to enjoy. Come and discover for yourself the process of milk from the cow to the bottle and everything in-between. You can cuddle up to some farmyard friends, feed the animals and watch our tour cow being milked. Our farm and factory is a great place to bring the family, who says learning can’t be fun? You’ll find there really is something for everyone on a Maleny Dairy Farm Tour.

After your tour you can enjoy some complimentary taste testing and discover first hand why our Maleny dairy deliciousness has won so many awards.

Perhaps you would prefer to just while away an hour or two enjoying a coffee at our Milkbar or take in our lush green pastures and fresh mountain air on one of our farmer’s Tractor Rides.

For more information on our tours pop over to our Tours Page and to find out where you can purchase our dairy deliciousness check out our Store-Locator.

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Whose kids have been creative these school holidays with ways to get pocket money? ๐Ÿ’ญ๐Ÿ’ฐ Share your stories!

Our #farmkids set up a pop-up nail salon for a treat for the staff on the crate dock! 
*All manicures come with sparkles  ๐Ÿ’…

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My kids made slime then sold it around the caravan park

We loved the tour this morning, Amanda was awesome โ˜€๏ธ๐Ÿฎโค๏ธ

Lovely treat for them

Love it! ๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿป๐Ÿ„๐Ÿฅ›๐Ÿถ

Good topics

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We are gearing up for Milkin It 2018!

Join us for our annual cow race here at the farm ๐Ÿฎ๐Ÿ˜€
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Wonderful way to help & support your Chappie, Bec.

Thank you Maleny Dairies for allowing us to host this ONE OF A KIND event at your venue.

We are doing our bit for the environment and phasing out our plastic bags at the Milkbar, none will be available from Wednesday 24th January ๐ŸŒฒโ™ป๏ธ That will be a saving of around 20,000 plastic bags. 

Remember to bring your eski and ice bricks if you want to stock up on Maleny Dairies products! ๐Ÿฅ›๐Ÿ˜Š We also sell cooler bags.

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Donโ€™t forget to snip the plastic ring from around the top of the milk bottle. Bower birds and others love collecting them but have been found with them wrapped around their heads and across their mouths making it unable to feed. One snip will save a bird.

So, instead of keeping plastic bags that I get at the shops and reusing them as bin liners, amongst other uses, I will now be buying single use plastic bags for that purpose. Canโ€™t see how that does anything but put a few more dollars in the supermarkets pockets. And if I forget to bring a bag with me (as I often do) or I want to make an unplanned stop and pick up a few things, I have to buy yet another non plastic bag...more profits for the shop. This nanny state silliness has got to stop.

I can't believe some are whining about this positive move. Lack of foresight and self centredness.

I recycle all plastic from the that items I buy from the Supermarket. Toilet paper lplastic wrapper, paper hand towel wrapper. People are just so dam lazy. Dig you vegie scraps into the garden or freeze them and make your own healthy stock, Freeze you meat bones and make stock. Stop being lazy. Think about the environment. Buy loose vegies.

Another money grabbing scheme. So no everyone has to buy overpriced bags that fall apart in a few weeks. I use plastic bags for lots of things including bin liners. Now I will have to buy bin liners as well as something to put groceries it. SCAMMED.

Then to make a start on the milk bottles ๐Ÿ˜Š

Let the fruit and vegetables roam free they don't need to be wrapped in plastic to be put in another plastic bag. Supermarkets could stop purchasing pre-wrapped fruit and vegetables it would stop a great amount of plastic waste

Good on ya - well done. Having lived in Sth Aust for many years, Iโ€™m amazed Qโ€™ld is so far behind in this area of environmental issues. Adel did away with plastic bags in the mid 2000โ€™s !!

What about the milk itself? Should nโ€™t we be using eco-friendly dairy substitutes which never went near a greenhouse-gas generating cow? #stopthefarts

So what about your milk containers? What are they made of again....

stop trying to blame the store, bill passed for qld that the use of these bags will be prohibited and stores will be fined if they continue to use them. i always keep cold bags in my car at all times so even if i pop into a store on a whim i have cold bags in the car, some stores will also provide their empty boxes for customers to use aswell

Where is the milkbar

Good on you Maleny,I am sure that we will get on without plastic shopping bags it might mean that we use our brains and work out an alternative to disposable plastic bags for our garbage. Instead wrap our scraps in junk mail or newspaper or better still try and compost as much as possible,I have also seen small composters for units as well. You can always if necessary use the small fruit and veggie bags for your puppy poo. If people werenโ€™t so careless with used bags in the first place allowing them to end up in our water ways and on the side of the road we probably would not be having this conversation in the first place!!

Good work guys! So many whinging, grow up and use your brain. Plastic bags are NOT needed for anything, thereโ€™s a hundred different ways to get around this, itโ€™s not even a problem, except for the planet! ๐ŸŒ

good on you, bring back paper bags and milk in glass bottles tasted so much better

Can I bring you my Non Bio-degradable plastic milk bottles to be refilled?

Love it......times are changing.....wish glass would make a return......but a great start.....

I don't want plastic bags to go! I reuse and recycle them and the bags that I will have to buy to replace them use much more bad energy to produce

I'll do ya one better and take one of your gorgeous cows home- no need for bottles, haha!

Here is an idea start trying to live plastic free. Line you bin with paper, compost your food scraps and buy reusable cloth bags. If you start to look at what plastic waste is doing to our planet you might realise how vital it is to start making changes.

Thanks Maleny. Whilst I do understand the change over has significant challenges, if the time comes where it is a viable option to have glass bottles, I'm all for that too!

Great move Maleny Dairies, another wonderful reason to support Australian owned business

I love the low fat milk, if my supplier is without and I have to buy another brand..... itโ€™s very obvious that the flavour just isnโ€™t as good as the Maleny milk !

Great initiative. Thank you. We love your products and love visiting the farm and will happily continue to do so.

What about the plastic in the bottles ?

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