Maleny Dairies is a family owned business situated in the hinterland town of Maleny on Australia’s Sunshine Coast.

Here at Maleny Dairies we produce a range of dairy deliciousness for the whole family to enjoy. Come and discover for yourself the process of milk from the cow to the bottle and everything in-between. You can cuddle up to some farmyard friends, feed the animals and watch our tour cow being milked. Our farm and factory is a great place to bring the family, who says learning can’t be fun? You’ll find there really is something for everyone on a Maleny Dairy Farm Tour.

After your tour you can enjoy some complimentary taste testing and discover first hand why our Maleny dairy deliciousness has won so many awards.

Perhaps you would prefer to just while away an hour or two enjoying a coffee at our Milkbar or take in our lush green pastures and fresh mountain air on one of our farmer’s Tractor Rides.

For more information on our tours pop over to our Tours Page and to find out where you can purchase our dairy deliciousness check out our Store-Locator.

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best milk Ive drunk since I was a kid and it came in bottles

Its this kind of feedback from Richard Piasini from Oyster Bay in NSW that makes our week. 

Richard went on to say, It is with much regret that Ive just finished the last of my 6 litres of your Farmers Choice gold top pasteurised only milk (my family and I were staying in Maleny for my sons wedding). It is by far the best milk Ive drunk since I was a kid 50 years ago (scary). If only it was available down here in Sydney, it would be a hit but theres probably a good reason why its not.� Once again fantastic milk and I look forward to visiting the Maleny area again.�

Well make sure to pass on your feedback Richard to our farmers and team so they know just how much of a difference theyre making.

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Isn't it such a good feeling to get feedback like that. We get asked so often if we ship to Sydney. There is definitely an untapped market for the right business.

Best milk ever ! Only milk we buy or allowed in our house....

He’s only saying what we have all been saying all along great quality milk on the shelves once again 😊

Just that Lil dollop of cream under the gold top ... change the color of your day 🙂

Couldn’t agree more but our milk was delivered by horse and cart the old lady carried a one pint and a half pint dipper which she used to get the milk out of the churn my granny used to have a special jug to buy the milk in. This was Bridlington in Yorkshire just after the war. Your milk is just the same and I always take the cream off the top for my cereal. Maleny Farmers Choice for me the best milk ever

Milk........ that tastes like real milk!! 👌

This is a fantastic product it reminds me of my youger days and our own cow.!! Congratulations Maleny Dairies on this superb old fashion tasting milk.!!

Well this time we got ourselves the perfect trio!

Sarah Jeffree - this is amazing!!

Best milk. Thank you.

Best milk ever. Love it.

Love this. Especially because it isn’t homogenised! 👍

It’s the best! And the only milk I buy...


Love this milk

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Our thoughts and prayers are with the farmers down in south western Victoria following news over the weekend of the devastating fires that raged through the region.  The loss of homes and livestock is heart-wrenching. May we also heap praise on the efforts of the emergency services men, women and community members who have done their best to battle the blazes.


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Yes, “ditto” all you have said. Our thoughts & prayers are with those people in the area who have suffered losses. May the Lord protect those involved in fighting these fires - they are our Heroes, year in & year out. 😥🙏. With all that rain & flooding in the Nth & West to bushfires down Sth. “The Land of droughts, fires & flooding rain.” That’s our Country but, we are tough & manage to all pull together & bounce back.

Hope a fundraiser is started to help them out. Also gov't should help support them financially and with any counselling etc

It is gut wrenching, thoughts and prayers with them all.

I feel for all those farmers who have lost stock, these are so important to them.

Praise God no one killed, but not so good for livestock. A shocking position for all affected to recover from 1000’s of klms of fencing for starters. Support Blazeaid John

If it is not drought or floods it is fire. Prayers for all involved

I had no idea it was that bad. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family with all this hardship we can get to help in some way. 🤗❤️

My heart breaks for all involved and the poor animals

Oh no! I had no idea. From one extreme to another as up here in the Top End in Darwin, we had a category 2 cyclone hit us!

Feeling for all the animals. 😢 The devastation reaches all corners

Amen to all of that.

Here, here!

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Chilled milk!
Guernsey cows are known for their calm temperament.  
#didyouknowmalenydairies #malenydairies #guernseygirls


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Would love to see some more posts about your contributing dairy farmers to Maleny Dairies and their herds.

I love Jerseys and Guernseys. They have such beautiful faces which match their temperament.

Amanda Balfour Al Kearney. She will fit

Not surprising they are calm in nature - Guernsey Island and Jersey are the most lovely gorgeous little islands you could ever visit. So relaxing with lots to see that you can just stroll around to. Full of history. Fantastic places.

My Maleny milk is still not frothing in my milk frothier 😏

Our kiddies loved their tour today and did lots of 'mooing'

Known for their calm temperament and their beautiful bestest milk

Oh you beautiful thing.

You guys still rock. Love hearing about your successes.

Clarabelle is a good looking girl!!!

Such beautiful faces x

She is beautiful 👍

815, chillin


Karlee Thomas

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