Our Range of Products

We pride ourselves on our quality, natural & delicious Maleny Dairies products… fresh from the dairy!

This high quality comes from:

  1.  The farmers and their herds.
  2. The dedicated team in the factory.
  3. The drivers that bring you your dairy deliciousness to the outlets.
  4. Our sales and marketing team developing a wonderful relationship with the shops and shop owners.
  5. The shop owners caring for the products.



Farmers Choice – GUERNSEY MILK – Pasteurised only – Full cream milk

Gold Top – our old fashioned milk with the cream on top! Care for our land and our animals will always remain at the heart of our business and we are extremely proud of our herd of Guernsey girls. They live happy, healthy lives on our beautiful pastures here on the Sunshine Coast. We’re pretty sure this is why our milk tastes so good! Our award-winning Farmers Choice Gold Top Milk is pasteurised only, this minimal processing delivers to you a milk that is as close to nature as is legally possible to sell.

Let us tell you more about the benefits of Guernsey Milk.

Milk is high in Beta-Carotene, found in the lush green grass here in Maleny, this is not digested and broken down by Guernsey Cows and it is this that gives the milk its rich golden colour. Our Farmers Choice Gold Top is also high in Beta-Casein A2 protein which many customers are attracted to as they find it easier to digest and gentler on their stomachs. Interestingly, there is three times the amount of Omega 3 in Guernsey milk also.

Now we do need to point out, for (boring) legal reasons, whilst our herd of Guernsey’s is (almost) all Guernsey there remains a small amount of other breeds, Swiss Browns for example in the herd.

You may find that the level of cream on the top of our milk may vary from time to time due to weather conditions and the seasons.
Being a natural product we choose not to add anything to our milk to keep it consistent, we think you prefer it that way.

Royal Sydney Show Gold Medal

AGDA 2017 Champion Milk MedalDIAA Silver Medal






Available in:
1 litre, 2 litre, 3 litres

Full Cream Milk – Pasteurised & Homogenised

Blue Top
Working closely with an established group of local farmers that also share our values, you can be sure your Blue Top Milk hasn’t travelled far to be processed and bottled here on the family Maleny dairy farm. Because of our rigorous quality standards and best industry practises, our “Blue Top” milk maintains a consistently high quality. Homogenisation is a mechanical, not chemical process. It gently blends the cream in the milk to provide a smoother milk. This ensures a uniform consistency whilst still retaining that rich creamy taste that is so highly prized.

Royal Sydney Show, Bronze Medal, Maleny Dairies Full Cream Milk

DIAA Silver Medal





Available in:
300ml, 500ml, ideal for Schools & Motels 1 litre, 2 litre, 3 litre and 10 litre bags

Low Fat Milk – Pasteurised & Homogenised

Red Top

Our low fat milk contains fewer calories than our other full cream milks yet still remains an excellent source of protein.
Technically the separator gently removes half of the fat from the milk. The cream left behind after this process goes straight into our award winning cream. Interestingly, the proteins present in low fat milk are untouched during its processing, so it still remains highly nutritious, packed with calcium and a good source of vitamin D, crucial for both the building and maintenance of bones and teeth.
A great tasting, quality milk, with quite simply, less fat.

Royal Sydney Show Gold Medal, Maleny Dairies Low Fat Milk

10 litre milk bladder.

10 litre milk bladder.

DIAA Silver Medal






Available in:
1 litre, 2 litre & 3 litre and 10 litre bags










Our award winning yoghurts pack a nutritious punch. Every spoonful of our gourmet yoghurt contains millions of friendly live bacteria, these are added during our special process and give our yoghurt its ridiculously creamy taste and texture. Our ‘live’ yoghurt is easily digestible and a good source of calcium too. Pair with your favourite Muesli or Cereal for breakfast, a cheeky daytime snack with some of your favourite berries drizzled with honey, or for some culinary creativity when cooking, our yoghurt is your perfect choice.

DIAA Silver Medal Royal Sydney Show, Bronze Medal, Maleny Dairies Apricot YoghurtRoyal Sydney Show, Bronze Medal, Maleny Dairies Strawberry YoghurtRoyal Sydney Show Gold Medal, Maleny Dairies Natural Yoghurt


Available in

210g tubs, perfect for snacking and lunchboxes.

350g tubs, made for sharing.
1kg tubs, popular with families.

1.9kg tubs, for the people who go through it quicker.
Also, Bulk sizes available for commercial use.

Flavoured Milk


Our flavoured milks are a big hit, not just with children but with adults and tradies too.
Mum’s are happy because the children are getting the calcium, potassium and Vitamin D that they need, whilst still enjoying great milk and having fun.
We have created our very own range of flavoured milks. Combining real fruit based syrups made from a family recipe, a heavenly chocolatey milk, and a real coffee pick-me-up, there’s a favourite flavour for everyone and there’s no need to shake them.
Using our quality, low fat milk, they are also a hugely popular choice for schools complying with tuckshop requirements throughout the region. They are also gluten free so everyone can enjoy them. Cafes find them to be a perfect quick base for milkshakes, thick shakes, iced coffees and smoothies too.

Available in:
300ml ideal for Tuckshops or a nutritious after school snack
500ml popular with tradies and big people
2 litres a firm family favourite


Maleny+Dairy+custardALL NATURAL Egg Free & Gluten Free – just like Grandma used to make!

Carefully crafted with dairy goodness our much loved custard is a firm family favourite.
It is made on our very own family recipe with all natural ingredients.
We have also made it Gluten Free so almost everyone can enjoy it together.
Whether you’re serving up a Cinnamon-Spiced Apple Pie with a buttery flaky crust or a comfortingly nostalgic Peach Crumble our custard is the perfect accompaniment. Some (cheeky) people have been known to drink it straight from the bottle! Whilst our creamy, classic custard saves you time in the kitchen you won’t compromise on taste or quality. Everyone will think you made it yourself!Royal Sydney Show, Bronze Medal, Maleny Dairies CustardDIAA Silver Medal




Real Cream

Maleny+Dairy+cream“Discover the best cream you have ever tasted! “

Our smooth and velvety cream has won many awards, its richness and golden colour really stands out from other brands. No gelatins or extender is added to our cream, high in butterfat, it’s a real natural product.

It’s sensational in sauces, perfect with pasta and an indulgent treat on desserts. Our cream takes your culinary masterpieces to a whole new level!
bandgThe consistency of our cream can change with the seasons, sometimes it’s so thick you can stand a spoon in it. Other times it’s perfect for pouring. We like to
keep it this way.

Available in: 350g tubs

Aust Dairy Prodt Comp gold medal 2017

Royal Sydney Show, Bronze Medal, Maleny Dairies Real Cream