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Maleny Muscle Fuel Smoothie: by Nutritionist Gina Rose

Oct 21, 2016

If you can tolerate dairy then you are lucky to have such a great quality product like the Maleny Dairies Farmer’s Choice (Gold Top) Guernsey Milk on the market. It has minimal processing & is only pasteurised which gives it that lovely old-fashioned cream on top, which my children love & battle for.

Breaking Down Dairy

It is high in Beta-Casein A2 protein, which is easily digested as opposed to A1 protein. It also provides an abundance of nutrients perfect for young children. It is what I choose for my family because I want my children to flourish and thrive, not merely survive.

Think about this, ‘you can either feed a disease or prevent one’ that is a powerful statement & when it comes to children we, as parents, have the single biggest impact on their health.

Children need good quality protein, fat & complex carbohydrates to provide them with the necessary nutrients for growth & development. Unsweetened dairy products provide an excellent source of nutrients.

Delicious and Nutritious

Just one serving of Maleny Dairies full cream milk provides nutrient rich fats. We absolutely need fats in our diet, they are essential! The fat is what contains fat-soluble vitamins.

  • Vitamin A – which is required for optimal vision, immune health and for normal growth and development of body tissues.
  • Vitamin D – plays a vital role in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and is essential for healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D is also a key nutrient involved in the immune system.
  • Vitamin E – functions as an antioxidant and its roles in anti-inflammatory processes are integral to health.

There are also valuable water-soluble vitamins like the B group vitamins & vitamin C in dairy, which help with energy metabolism & concentration.

Information Overload

Children are growing in hyper speed & they require a lot of essential nutrients from their diet to support this growth & development. I know as a Mum there is a lot of information out there and marketing does not help the situation. My advice for any parent is to avoid as much processed food as possible & stick to whole foods.

Nutritionist Gina Rose with Maleny Muscle Fuel Smoothie

Maleny Muscle Fuel Smoothie

Maleny Muscle Fuel Smoothie Recipe

My kids love smoothies, it is a great way to load them up with fuel.

2 cups of Gold Top Maleny Dairies Milk

1 banana

½ cup blueberries

½ cup plain Maleny Dairies yoghurt

4 brazil nuts

1 Tbsp chia seeds

A handful of spinach


Blend in a high-speed blender.

Serves two hungry hippos.


With love & health,

Nutrition By Gina Rose

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