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Basik Chocolates

Mar 15, 2017

Krsna Rajalingam, founder of Basik Chocolates, is a chocolatier and Maleny Dairies, Real Cream fanatic. His amazing creations are made using fresh, local ingredients and are set to take over the Brisbane chocolate scene.

Quality not Quantity

Basik Chocolates begun in December 2016 with a low-key test sale. Krsna explains that all production is kept small-scale to maintain product quality. This quality over quantity philosophy is reflected in the chocolate’s ingredients.

Maleny Dairies Real Cream, for example, is pure cream with nothing added and nothing taken, hence the lack of an ingredients list.

With just 5 flavours that rotate every 60 days, Basik Chocolates are unique mouthfuls. Each chocolate has just two main flavours, a primary note and a subtle note.

Otherwise it gets too hipster, people lose focus as to what it really is.

Basik Chocolates Milk and Coffee chocolate

Krsna reckons his passionate yet unpretentious attitude to food come from his Malaysian heritage;

Many Australians eat to live but Malaysians live to eat.

With tasting notes on the Basik Chocolates website to accompany each chocolate, Krsna is making eating a Basik Chocolate a real experience.

It Tastes Like…

Here at Maleny Dairies there is a phrase that is synonymous with our products ‘It tastes like it used to when I was a kid.’ Krsna’s goal is to evoke this feeling of nostalgia with each taste.

Nostalgia means a lot, the Lemon and Thyme White Chocolate tastes like having grandma’s lemon cheesecake.

Krsna’s decision to use Maleny Dairies Real Cream was born from his own fond memories of devouring the Maleny Dairies Chocolate Milk and Gold Top at the tuck shop.Lemon and Thyme White Chocolate, Basik Chocolates

Ingredients List

When asked what he values most in the ingredients chosen, Krsna’s agenda is clear;

I will go for something dearer if it means a higher quality product, for me the product quality is the most important thing.

For the Coffee and Vanilla Milk Chocolates, Krsna uses Maleny Dairies Real Cream and shots of espresso from a local coffee shop and for the Kaffir Lime and Sichuan Dark Chocolates Krsna can be found cleaning the wax off limes with hot water and a brush.

What goes into somebody’s body should be right, it should be good and natural; like Maleny Dairies un-homogenised milk, it is so beautiful, rich and textual, it is almost like a raw milk because it has been processed so little.
Kaffir Lime and Sichuan Pepper Dark Chocolate Basik Chocolate

An Exact Science

Tempering, creating and finishing such high-quality chocolates is a very precise process, even the components that make up the ingredients used have an impact.

Krsna explains that most cream is around 35% fat and so when it is reduced to make ganache you can see the water splitting out from it. With Maleny Dairies Real Cream however, which is around 45.5% fat, Krsna can be sure he is giving people the best he possibly can.

I don’t even bother buying butter, I just whip the Real Cream in a Thermomix.

BASIK Chocolate

Through these delicious chocolates, Krsna is not only creating delight but also educating people on taste, quality and the provenance of food.

If they are not educated enough you’re duty bound to provide that information.

We share this ideal at Maleny Dairies and hope that as more people understand where their food comes from they will be better equipped to make smart, healthy and sustainable choices.

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