About the Dairy


Maleny Dairies started in the year 2000. We think back to how we started and we need to thank and honour some important people that helped to get us to where we are now.

Maleny Dairies is a premium milk company, we are local and family owned in Maleny on the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Queensland, Australia. Great Grandfather Hopper purchased the land in 1948 and we initially began as a cream only farm. In 2000 the milk industry was deregulated forcing thousands of farmers around Australia to close down their farms. We too faced an uncertain future but decided that we would fight back by building our own processing and bottling plant. As we expanded, we began purchasing milk from other local farmers on the Sunshine Coast hinterland. The flexibility and control afforded us by managing our own plant has facilitated the opportunity for us to pay our farmers at a much higher rate per litre of milk, enabling each farmer to keep their herds healthy and their farms viable.


Maleny+Diary+Farm+-+A2+MilkHarold and Dorothy Hopper – Dad and Mum. Suggested and helped us to take the risk and have a go.

Keith and Sonya Hopper – Brother and Sister in-law. Not only were they our first supplier from their Maleny dairy farm, but their commitment went way past business. During construction Keith would milk in the mornings spend most of the day helping to build Maleny Dairies and then he milked in the afternoons, any spare time he had he did paddock work. He did that for weeks.

Kay and Geoff – Sister and Brother in-law. Kay previously worked for us in another business so when the factory was built Kay worked for us at Maleny Dairies. Kay and I both learnt on the run. She ran the office side of things. Kay spent 12 years working for Maleny Dairies.

To all Our Family we would just like to say a BIG Thank You with all our heart, we do appreciate it.

We are proud and lucky to have good quality staff working for us. They all work under a key group whose job it is to ‘make it happen’.

Keith and Sonya were our first farm. Today we have another 8 Farms in the region with whom we are proud to process their Milk into Maleny Dairies Products.

We have had Guernseys on this farm since first starting in 1948. Why stick with the Guernseys? Simply because their milk is the best. Not only does it taste good, but it is good for you too. God blessed us with a cow called ‘Belladonna’ which became a Guernsey world champion, breaking the records in milk, butterfat & protein. Belladonna peaked at an amazing 70.5 litres of milk in one day. Considering that an average cow gives approx. 15 litres in a day, she truly was an amazing cow. If you get a chance, give the Guernsey milk a go. You will find this milk under the Farmer’s Choice Gold Top label. On the top menu bar is ‘Store Locator’, click and enter your suburb to find a shop near you.





Peter is qualified in accounting and he has a Masters Degree in International and Community Development as well. He has previously worked as an executive for the Australian Government, Indigenous Communities, Non-Profit Organisations and Small Business. Peter has been with us since 2011. In this time Peter has got himself a good looking Wife, Lisa in Accounts – another employee who has been working for us since 2009. Peter keeps trying to convince us that he had no grey hair before he started with us. Well considering Peter’s sister (Sonya) married our Brother (Keith Hopper) in 1999, we have seen the pictures!


In 2010 Raelyn was a casual employee working in our bottling room. She is now the Factory Manager. What more can we say. You won’t meet a more dedicated or harder working person. Raelyn’s responsibility starts at the farm and ends with the consistent high quality you all taste that keeps you wanting more.

James Beauchamp
Director sales and distribution

James’ passion for Dairy is unmatched. His families background is as Dairy Farmers in South Australia. His passion for quality milk and his knowledge of Dairy complements our production side of the business. It is James goal to convert consumers into connoisseurs of our white milk and other dairy products.

Marketing Co-ordinator

Emily recently joined Maleny Dairies to manage all marketing activities. Emily Gouge 1She has a passion for digital marketing and invites you to connect with Maleny Dairies on social media. Emily’s focus is on communicating Maleny Dairies’ values and news with our customers.  


Brian joined Maleny Dairies in July 2016 to assist with the rapid expansion we have seen. He has a Bachelor of Commerce and is a CPA. He has worked in a variety of industries over more than 20 years in Victoria and Western Australia before moving, with his wife Suzanne, to the Sunshine Coast. He is enjoying the challenge and being part of the team.

Ross and Sally Hopper

Ross and Sally Profile Picture

Ross is the third generation that grew up on this farm.
He married Sally who is from families that have been dairying for five generations in Maleny since 1906.  


Maleny Dairies

Jodie came to Maleny Dairies with over 15 years of hospitality management experience and is passionate about exceptional customer service. Jodie is enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and ensuring every visitor leaves with a smile.


Our Cows

The Guernsey, (bred on the Channel Island of Guernsey), is genetically a very old breed which has been tested and shown to have around 95% Beta Casein proteins. They are also known to produce the highest percentage of A2 protein.

Guernseys produce milk that is high in protein and butterfat and has a creamy golden appearance and taste.

We constantly hear this comment…“This is how milk use to taste when I was a Kid!

Much has been written about the origins of Guernsey Cattle and many claims have been made about the way in which the ‘Guernsey Breed’ came to be established on a small island in the English Channel. In fact, very little concrete evidence exists about the cattle of Guernsey prior to the nineteenth Century and most theories, such as one that suggests that cattle brought to the island by monks who had been banished from Mont St. Michel in the year 960 A.D. formed the foundation of the present breed cannot be verified and must be regarded as conjecture or pure fantasy. A SHORT HISTORY OF THE GUERNSEY BREED By W. G. de L. Luff, Vice-President Royal Guernsey Agricultural & Horticultural Society


Over the years we have entered our products in the Brisbane Ekka and the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Every single entry has won a Gold, Silver or Bronze multiple times. Our Strawberry Yoghurt won Champion Dessert twice in Brisbane 2005 and 2011. It’s that rich Guernsey milk that gives the products that unique creamy flavour. We entered the DIAA for the first time in 2015 and won Champion Gold Top. You haven’t tasted milk till you’ve tried Maleny Dairies.